Lens hood is optional

GoodRivaldo, May 25 2019

Lens hood is optional

Lens hood is the funny looking large brim which you can get to see around professional cameras a lot. This is an accessory which doesn’t come with the camera but can be bought additionally. The key reason for the lens hood is to block out unnecessary light and this way, to make the photo higher quality and more focused. This works well with a cam the lens of which is prime, fixed focal and non-zooming type. The lens hood can have the form of a wave or a tube. The curve serves for the wider view, so that the photographer won’t feel that the hood takes anything from the photo.

Is hood really useful?

When we talk about the upper mentioned prime lens then it’s certainly good because it can block out the unnecessary light that may compromise the quality of the photo. However if the hood is too large, especially when used with zoomed lenses it can affect the amount and quality of light negatively.

Lens hood is optional

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