The 35 mm lens is the most practical

GoodRivaldo, May 25 2019

The 35 mm lens is the most practical

Using 35 mm lens (preferably the manual focus lens) has tons of advantages. Let’s enlist a few of these:

The 35 mm is the closest possible to the focal composition of our eye. This is exactly why it’s also highly used when shooting movies too as this is the most realistic

This lens is more artistic than the others in terms of quality

It’s absolutely versatile: you can use it to shoot anything, objects, people, landscapes, travel, street and for any other photography

It’s also great when it comes to doing close-up photoshoots

It’s the perfect choice when it comes to making videos.

It’s the best choice when it comes to shooting subject in relation with its environment, such as street or nature photography.

As this is not a zoom lens, it needs you to get into the middle of the action, which will make you create a way better photograph.

Its low light performance is outstanding, specifically with reference to the Nikkor 35MM AIS lens.

The 35 mm lens is the most practical

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