Show only the best photos

GoodRivaldo, May 10 2019

Show only the best photos

Let’s be honest, we are all proud of the work done by us and we would only like to show the best ever photos we’ve ever done. But this is something which is subjective and will therefore change from time to time.

While it’s clear that you should get rid of those photos which did not work out well, this does not mean that you should pretend they don’t exist This means you ought to learn from all your mistakes and for instance it’s a good lesson to show all your photos to your teacher, if you go to a proper photo school (which we greatly advise you to do) because he or she would see your photos from a totally different aspect than you do. Take all the criticism and learn from it in the good way. That’s why at times you also need to keep all the photos and not just erase the worst and keep the very best.

Show only the best photos

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