Use the timer to prevent the camera from shaking

GoodRivaldo, 25 Jul 17

Use the timer to prevent the camera from shaking

With today’s cameras there are many setting options which prevent them from doing a shaky photo. It has been a great deal of a problem in photography to find methods which help prevent the effects of hand shaking, enabling even those to make good quality photos whose hands are shaking more than the average However let’s be real, in average our hands are shaking and there are literally no exceptions from that

There is one solid method to prevent the photo quality to get hurt because of hand shaking and that’s the usage of a timer This way all you need to do is to set it while pointing out a solid surface which would be the base You need to adjust all settings according to the height and position of that surface and when you are ready you set the timer, stand the cam on the surface and you are ready to shoot.

Use the timer to prevent the camera from shaking

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