Keep the camera close to your face

GoodRivaldo, May 06 2019

Keep the camera close to your face

These days when people mostly work with digital and not mechanical cameras there are many ways to shoot photos and it does not necessarily involve holding the camera to your eyes but when It comes to professional shooting it’s still the best way to go

No matter your cam is digital, it will still give you the chance to look through the lenses with your eyes instead of using the display screen. While everyone gets used to one method and they keep to it in most cases, it’s good if you get used to actually looking into the camera because it doesn’t only help maintaining higher quality but it also helps you with the focus and in determining whether and how the photo would work for you.

This is also the reason that there are professionals who have one strong brand of a mechanical camera, where all the adjustments should be done manually.

Keep the camera close to your face

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