If you do not use a blend, take it off

GoodRivaldo, May 25 2019

If you do not use a blend, take it off

There are tons of photo blending options which can be connected to one particular camera’s setting or can be done straight on the internet. Blending is a great tool for advanced level photographer, to create something new which still looks lifelike, such as adding or removing people from a photo. This time around we will talk about Photo Blend that’s a high level software commonly used for blending.

What does Photo Blend do?

  • Removes objects from photos: this includes cars, people or any other objects which enables you to have an empty street
  • If you are taking multiple photoshoots from the exact same angle and lighting then you can make adjustments to group photos in case someone doesn’t look his or her best on one of the photos

However Photo Blending is an application that’s quite challenging to use therefore until you reach the level of an advanced photographer, we suggest you to steer clear from trying to use blender.

If you do not use a blend, take it off

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