Take a step forward

GoodRivaldo, 25 Jul 17

Take a step forward

Nowadays when it’s all about smartphone cameras and digital cameras people got all too much used to using the zoom features which are generally built in features in most modern cameras While zooming in has its definite advantages, especially when you try to take a photo of areas, objects, animals or people who you don’t have the chance to get closer to, we suggest you to steer clear from using it all that much

Forced zooming can really harm your photo quality and also by taking a step forward you can more so get inside the story of your photograph which is a key aspect for later on, when you will be shooting photos in a much more professional manner. Therefore try to cut out on zoom as much as you can and only use it when you don’t have any other choice. It’s way better to be in the story than being merely a viewer of it.

Take a step forward

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