Analyze your pictures and do not worry

GoodRivaldo, 25 Jul 17

Analyze your pictures and do not worry

Checking on your own mistakes is always a good thing, however we would like to stress not to be too critical of yourself. Instead of self-judgement which tends to become too harsh which may lead to loss of motivation, rather ask someone who has more authority on your photo quality This can be your teacher, a photography forum or any good photographer who you find or befriend online or offline.

Also, when you get to the point to be able to be perfectly neutral and analytic of your photos beware not to worry all that much. You can keep a notebook where you make notes on upcoming themes and things which you need to put more emphasis on in the future. Remember, this is a great hobby and it has tons of possibilities once you find your own style and vibe in the future. Yet this needs exercising and a good deal of motivation.

Analyze your pictures and do not worry

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