Take more pictures

GoodRivaldo, 25 Jul 17

Take more pictures

On today’s digital, mirrorless and highly equipped cameras there are great functions which allow you to take tons of photos within a very short time Auto shooting, speedy shooting methods which are specifically devised for those who need to build on tons of photos (fashion photography anyone?) in order for them to be able to shoot one or two brilliant ones

This technique of high numbers was devised for those who wants to catch action which is very hard to catch. This also includes sports photography (imagine how hard it is to catch someone in the moment of jumping into the water)

Therefore instead of sitting there for hours waiting for the very occasion, which you may miss within a split second, just set your phone to auto shooting, the moment the action begins This way you ensure that you won’t be late, no matter what What’s better, you can do thousands of photos!

Take more pictures

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